Rand Paul’s toilet rant misses the point

Rand Paul had an outburst last week during a Senate hearing on energy, finding it ‘insulting’ that he had to flush his toilet more than once and how dare the govt force consumers not to pollute or waste energy (He used the word ‘choice’ about a hundred times, which is ironic considering his stance on women’s reproductive rights).

I bring this up not to get into some unresolvable debate but as a contrast to my recent experiences at my local post office.

I’m at the post office a lot – 2 or 3 times a week because of my ecommerce business. I’m quite friendly with all the ladies working there, even delving into health concerns and pet issues. I even gave one of ’em my fail-safe recipe for sausage dip.

So I truck in there on Saturday, try to check my PO box and find it locked. I knew I had renewed it at the end of January, so What the Hay? I approach the counter again, digging out my receipt (I hoard them in my wallet for tax puposes), and the friendly postal lady tells me that because of HOMELAND SECURITY I have to fill out this form, show multiple forms of ID which confirm my residential address, and while I’m at it, leave a pint of blood and a jar of urine (kidding).

Maybe my memory is faulty, but I don’t recall any terrorists having plutonium sent to their ill-gotten PO Box. Did we not thwart the 9-11 attackers because of a false address listed on their PO Box application?

Exactly HOW does aggravating a PO box holder and making postal employees waste their time keep America safe?

So Mr. Rand Paul, while you’re arguing for the option of filling landfills and destroying the environment, could you throw a word or two in there about the absurdity of treating consumers like criminals. After all, we’re just doing our part to keep the US postal service fiscally viable.

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