A bit of follow-up…

The writing community to which I belong operates on a series of credits. You receive credits for reviewing and you cash-in credits for revealing reviews others have posted of your work. If a review doesn’t mean their guidelines, you can ask for a ‘credit refund’. Last night, I did just that for Mr. Buy-This-Book-And-All-Your-Problems-Will-Be-Solved, and today I was informed the site moderators thought his review was crap too.

I have no idea if he loses the credits he earned for the review or they’ll even inform him they ‘dinged’ him. It’s really not important. What is, however, is my reason for being a tattle tale. I had consulted the guy’s profile and read many of the reviews he had penned for others before spending the credits to reveal his to me. I was braced for his merciless evisceration; it seemed to be his specialty. And while many of his comments were probably justified (I don’t know, I hadn’t read any of the pieces he reviewed), they appeared to be mostly young writers who probably found his lengthy harangues way beyond their current writing skill. Consequently, I’m certain a great many resenting spending boo-koo credits to read something they found inherently unhelpful. So imagine my dismay when greeted with “To keep the credit count down, I’ll give you this link that will explain all your problems”, followed by the two book links. I could’ve thrown a hissy immediately, but giving the man the benefit of the doubt, I clicked the first link, sending me to a myspace group – HIS post, of course – and a generic article on “How Do I Know When To Post?”. I took the time to actually read the article, and not only did I not find anything relevant to my chapter (how could I when he gave me no specific references?), I didn’t find the article informative in the abstract sense. So I asked for a refund. It was granted. End of story.

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