A Day in The Life of Folly

Sure, I had to carry her downstairs (who needs a gym when you have a 50 lb greyhound hopping on three legs?), but she quickly skittered off toward the door. She ate with vigor, plain kibble and ‘doctored’ kibble, plus whatever asundry items I had around (hot dog bun, cheese’um, you name it). Considering the weight she’s been losing lately, I’m grateful for anything she’s willing to put in her tummy. Not that she’s finicky, per se, but it’s possible she’s “tired” of her diet, and I’m sure it’s a bit of an effort to stand in front of her dish for long periods, not to mention scoop any errant food from the floor, when you’re balancing on three legs.

She spent less time lounging today; nuzzling me with her head while I was trying to work, and pogo-ing around outside with me in pursuit. She even made an uncharacteristic jaunt over to the neighbor’s to examine their landscaping. Fortunately it was dark and late, and I think they were asleep. I retrieved her before she could leave any ‘gifts’, but it’s impossible to be annoyed when she’s so darned cute. Dr. Adkins’ adjustment of her pain meds seemed to have done the trick.

Oh yeah – she was diagnosed with cancer today.

Osteocarcinoma, as it’s known, a prevalant form of canine cancer, most commonly seen in greyhounds. So prolific, Ohio State University has a department and foundation at their vet school for the study of it: (If you do a web search for “Hope For Hounds”, you’ll find all sorts of fundraisers and goodies you can buy that help support Dr. Cuoto and his colleagues.)

They actually have a Greyhound Health and Wellness Program too.

Discovering this, I’m actually sort of proud to live in Ohio. Too bad it doesn’t change the fact I have to spend the next few months watching my baby die.

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