A Little Fun on a Hungover Saturday…

Yep, too many raspberry stoli and tonics with my friends in Run Thomas Run last night.

But my reward – aside from shakin my booty to Cheap Trick, and this lovely faint throbbing in my head – are some web nuggets guaranteed to amuse.

First, Photobombers. You know, ‘that guy’ who messes up your perfectly lovely photo. I was so focused on them I didn’t even notice Wilmer Valderama was in one of the shots. Very giggle inducing.

Second up is Green Porno on The Sundance Channel. A series of shorts where Isabella Rossellini dresses up as various insects and critters and acts out their mating rituals. At first glance you might think this is something she did to educate small children – but no. Not when she’s talking about earthworms breeding in the 69 position. It’s great watching her hump a female housefly. I’ll leave the joy of the praying mantis and the honeybee for you to enjoy…

And this – this is quite possibly the worst soccer team ever. The Austrian National soccer team lost to Lithuania 48-0. So, to assuage their wounds, they showed up en masse at this very beautiful and very public plaza, singing and dancing and – Stripping. Completely. With asundry pants trapped around their ankles. Makes me want to book a trip… (Scroll down. And thanks Di!)

Have a great weekend, my Lovelies!

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