A Matter of Perspective

Flipping channels I ran across one of the hundreds of reality shows polluting television and was privy to this little set-up:

A early to mid twenties reality show veteran has been cast in some film (don’t know, not really caring, certain it’s low budget and indie) but she’s quite squeamish about baring her breasts. I tune in just in time to hear the director attempt to explain why this gratuitious nudity is necessary and vital to her character and to his story. His speech went something like this –

I want every man who watches this film to be so struck by you that they’d think ‘Wow, yeah I’d cheat on my wife for her’.

Most women, if they were being honest, would tell you that they’ve made a man feel this way and it required absolutely no boob flashing at all. Seduction and sensuality have next to nothing to do with showing off your naughty bits; it’s a mix of confidence, body language, reading and anticipating a man’s behavior and knowing just which psychological buttons to push. I can safely say it can be accomplished in the booth of a busy diner, if executed correctly.

So sad to discover directors lack such a basic understanding of both sexes, not to mention gender politics and the art of seduction, and even worse, a complete lack of imagination.

No wonder most films coming out Hollywood suck so much.

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A tilt of the head, a flirtatious glance, a soft touch to the chest, a whisper in the ear, a confindent laugh, a playful smile…

We need to send this guy a copy of the “Cool Chick Rules”.

xoxo Kimmie

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