A Note of Appreciation

On March 11, we received this email regarding the live review I wrote about Duran Duran in November 2003.

I know this was awhile ago, but I just came across it randomly on the internet and I had to write. I saw Duran Duran in concert for the first time last week on their tour in San Jose, CA and Christy’s article so completely and perfectly captured my Proustian experience from that night. Now 33, I agree with your characterization at the end of the article concering optimism, opportunity, magic, and ideals. I never anticipated that attending the concert could have had that effect on me.

Anyways, without going on too much, I hope this email reaches Christy. And, she should know how much I envy her for living one of my dreams of actually getting to meet them and at least almost grab Simon’s ass. You lucky girl!
Thanks again,

Unfortunately I’ve attempted to respond to the sender numerous times receiving “failure” and “user unknown” messages. I want her to know how important her feedback is, and how much I appreciate her taking the time to let me know that my words reached her. Of course it also would’ve been nice to tell her to keep reading cuz they’ll be a follow-up on the show I was fortunate enough to attend two nights ago!

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