A Tale of Two Chucks

My favortie kick-around shoes are my pink & black Converse hi-tops. Stacey and Clinton and wouldn’t approve, screaming some nonsense about ‘age appropriate’, but frankly, they can bite me.

Unfortunately, this particular style was discontinued soon after Chucks came back into vogue years back. After I wore out my first pair, I scoured the internet for months, finally locating a woman who never took hers out of the box and was willing to part with them for a small sum (Maybe Stacey and Clinton got to her?)

Now, those too are a bit ragged. Prowling the aisles of a ‘discount’ store in search of sandals, I spot ONE pair of my fabled kicks perched on a shelf among an assortment of other, low-tops. I shove a little kid out of my way* and snatch them up.

What are the odds they’ll be my size?

Halleluia – The clouds part and the angels sing. I cradle the canvas and rubber footwear to my chest like a full canteen to someone just stumbled out of the desert.

The best part – I was wearing the very same shoes at the time.

*joking, joking.

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