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African-American Living Kidney Donors At Higher Kidney Risk

The authors examined a database linking U.S. registry identifiers for living kidney donors (1987-2007) to billing claims from a private health insurer (2000-2007 claims)


Among 4650 living donors, 13.1% were African American and 76.3% were white; 76.1% were first-degree relatives of their recipient. By 7 years post-donation, after adjustment for age and sex, greater proportions of African American compared with white donors had renal condition diagnoses: chronic kidney disease (12.6% vs 5.6%), proteinuria (5.7% vs 2.6%), nephrotic syndrome (1.3% vs 0.1%), and any renal condition (14.9% vs 9.0%).


Folks, this is only seven years post-donation. the average living kidney donor is 40/41; life expectancy is near 80. The long-term ramifications of these numbers are staggering and horrifying.

Please, everyone: take care of yourselves.

Lentine KL, Schnitzler MA, Garg AX, Xiao H, Axelrod D, Tuttle-Newhall JE, Brennan DC, & Segev DL (2015). Race, Relationship and Renal Diagnoses After Living Kidney Donation. Transplantation PMID: 25905980

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