Ahhhh, families

I hit the rack at 4:30am-ish then rose (sorta) at 8:30am-ish to drag my butt into the shower, fish a large Gatorade out of my fridge and drive carefully over to my brother’s, where I climbed into a van with his three boys all under the age of 9 and commenced to Sandusky to spend the day with la familia on the parental unit 30 foot boat. Hardly cognizant and barely sober, my heaven-sent (that particular day) stepmother gleefully pulled out the Bloody Mary mix at a mere 11am.

I didn’t even mind the subsequent sunburn.

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Remember a recent episode of Siren Rebellion where we discussed “eye openers” or a “morning drinks”? If you recall, I fessed up to having done this on rare occasions. I’m glad to see that I’m nolonger alone on this one 😉

And hell, you don’t even LIKE bloody mary’s so you HAD to be hurting to be drinking those! lol

The bigger question is, what the HELL did you do last night? xoxo Kimmie

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