All Kinds of -Isms

“Cook County law-enforcement officials raided the police department in Harvey, Illinois — where they found more than 200 rape kits that had never been sent to the state crime lab to be processed.”

And then there’s this:;=SHERIFFAUDIT

“An inventory of the evidence room at the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office found 16 rape evidence kits with no name, bar code or case number.”

Think about that. 216 women – sisters, mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, neices – brutalized and violated and injured enough that they went to a hospital to seek treatment. And then they subjected themselves to four to six hours of evidence collection.

And law enforcement officials tossed them into the equivalent of their junk drawer.

Harvey, Illinois is a town just outside chicago that’s 80% african-american and has a median household income of only about $30,000.

Asheville, NC has a median household income of $32,772.

Racism (a dirty word here in the U.S), Classism (an even dirtier word), sexism…..

And the word of all words to describe this?

Incompetence. (and it wasn’t even an -ism!)

Fire them all and charge them with mishandling evidence and obstruction of justice.

BTW, since Illinois made the raid and began testing, they’ve already made one arrest. Guess those pesky kits weren’t a total waste of time.

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