Am I The Only One…

…completely repulsed by Katie Holmes being pregnant by Tom Cruise??

I think I just gagged typing that sentence.

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I had to put some thought into this one. And all I can figure out is that when I’m in my mid 40’s, I’ll probably still find women who look like Katie Holmes attractive.

It’s sad… but I just blame it on my penis.

It’s just like the Clinton/Monica thing. You just know that any other average guy, if put into the same position, probably would have done the exact same thing.

It’s not really the age thing (Although Thanks for reminding me of that disgusting tidbit), it’s the fact I find Tom Cruise’s character repugnant.

It wasn’t always this way, but over the years he’s just proven himself to be self-absorbed, not to mention a dementedly vocal Scientologist. The majority of celebrities who abide by this “pay to play” psuedo-religion at least have the common sense to keep quiet about it. Cruise, however, in recent months, has felt free to denigrate the entire mental health field and all medications connected to it.

It’s painfully clear the man is in the throes of a mid-life crisis. If you look at his relationship history, every woman he has involved himself with has experienced a major career diminishment while in his company. However, once they’re free of his clutches, they can actually have an identity of their own. It’s no coincidence that he divorced Nicole Kidman before they hit the ten year mark. California law states would’ve given her a much larger chunk had that occured.

Let’s face it, this arrangement is doomed to fail. Any couple that moves in together, turns up pregnant and engaged in a matter of weeks is not going to be celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I would expect him to be that frigging stupid, but I did have more faith in her. Hello, any man with two divorces should have a neon warning sign permanently installed above his head.

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