An Attempt At Stress Relief

It goes without saying that stress and angst at 1:30am is NEVER a good thing.

So here is good stuff to take my mind off my troubles:

Pink and Black Converse Hi-tops – good and comfy.
Receiving a flirtatious email from a cute singer-songwriter friend.

However, remembering that an email from a simply ADORABLE singer-songwriter in California is languishing in my inbox is bad….

Marc Cohn’s self-titled album. “Walking In Memphis” just never gets old.
Greyhound furkids who snuggle in for affection.

Those same furkids with stinky butts is nauseating though….

Knowing I’ll be hanging with friends and a bottle of vodka on Thursday is VERY good.
Dancing down the aisle of the grocery store to some cheesy 70’s tune.
New hardwood floors.
Having lustful inclinations.

Reading that a band I know and love possibly engaged in some highly juvenile rockstar groupie hijinks is not cool AT ALL.

Vacation in less than a month.
Hitting the gym so I’ll look fabu in my pink bikini.

The same Marc Cohn CD f*&%ing SKIPPING spikes my blood pressure.

The groundhog that lives under the shrub on the corner; he makes me happy.
The green sprouts of wildflowers to come in my wooded backyard.
Curling up with a good book.
Ed from Palm Pictures sending me the Dig! DVD unbidden.

Being locked in my office with stanky dog ass. I know where the hole in the ozone layer came from.

New Victoria’s Secret catalog.
No bills in the mail.
My Thesaurus.

Pursuing a publicist is the current albatross around my neck. Just tell me to fuck off; don’t ignore me!

Clean sheets.
Crab legs.
Sitting on my patio in shorts in April in Ohio.
Leftover Easter candy.
A long hot shower on fatigued muscles.

And finally,
Knowing I won’t be going to bed alone.

g’nite everyone…

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