An Exercise in Business Stupidity…

I am completely in love with this car. It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt this way about an automobile (The jaguar xk excepted because that’s like Simon Lebon – delicious but inaccessible. This is akin to that very hot guy you see and just KNOW you’ve got to have!), and I’m well aware of the impracticality issues with owning a two-seater convertible, but Hot Damn, that is just one sleek and sexy car!

What grabs me the most is its resemblence to an old Corvette, the 1950’s hard top convertibles with red interior. I dreamt about that car when I was teenager…..but I digress.

The problem is, everyone else seems to feel the same way. I spoke with a Saturn salesperson today and he told me there is a ONE YEAR WAITING LIST for this thing. Not only that, people are actually paying OVER the sticker price to have one. While that might sound wonderous for GM, the parent company of Saturn, let me explain why this is so dumbass.

GM, like all American car companies, are flailing under the weight of their own demise. I could go into a long harangue about how so much of this is their own damn fault, but I’ll spare you all my thoughts on world economics. Now they’ve found a product people actually want. Granted, it’s a niche automobile and will never take the place of your average SUV, but wouldn’t you want to capitalize on that craze as much as possible??

Not GM. Not only are they not upping their productivity to meet demand, they’re not even giving the dealerships a car they can utilize for test drives. Nope, each dealership gets ONE to put in the showroom but ZERO for the lot and ZIPPO for a test drive.

I dunno about you, but I’m not obligating myself to make a $30,000 purchase if I can’t experience how that sucker feels on the road.

The American people are fickle and impatient. Already, the Saturn guy told me folks are dropping off the waiting list and others are being moved up. Then there are consumers like me who walk into the dealership, wallow in the leather, pet the chrome and drool on the paintjob. We leave empty-handed. Every single instance of that represents a lost sale, money that GM could use to turn their sorry, white, baby boomer, over-rich asses around.

But why do that? That would make too much sense.

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this is SO american!

this car is DOPE.. when you have a product that is selling.. the idea is to produce more.. but americans are weird..

i just spent a week riding across the country on a german motorbike, only to be flipped off the whole way by lardass white baby boomers riding their very first motorbike with their friends..

sakes! they flip off the only guy out there watching their backs!

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