Ann Rule, Simon LeBon, And Ted Bundy – oh my!

After an acoustic set, Q&A;, brief encounter, dinner and an hour and a half of non-stop dancing and singing, I am toast today. Somehow I managed to hit the gym but my eyes were glued to that timer the whole time. Painful as hell.

Ah but it was worth it. I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling yet…


Okay on to other things –

I finally got around to reading Ann Rule’s “The Stranger Beside Me” last week. In case you’re not aware, Ann knew Ted when he was an undergrad Psychology major and she was volunteering at a Crisis Center. They were acquaintances, casual friends at best, but they did remain in contact long into his incarceration. While her observations regarding Bundy are sometimes naive (which she admits in her 20th anniversary note), it’s also realistic. I realize that Bundy’s acts were heinous and grotesque but anyone who has been in a position of realizing someone they know is not quite who he/she purported can relate to Ms. Rule’s emotional journey.

In terms of highlighting Bundy and his internal demons brought to fruition, “The Stranger Beside Me” fails. It creeped me out, no doubt, but not like Stephen Michaud, Roy Hazelwood or John Douglas. Read any of those guys and you’ll discover some really fucked up subject matter.

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Yeah but still… Biatch!

I cant help but envision you as the little kid in Christmas Story being spun around in front of Santa and dropped in his lap. Though the difference, you were not screaming and crying in terror… though I imagine the moment was not without butterflies and weak knees 😉

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