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Another Living Donor’s Story…

In reference to her comment to me: it’s good to know I’ve done someone a smidge of good at some point. It’s very difficult to know when you’re constantly barraged with personal attacks and criticisms. While I respect what Michael at LDO has tried to do, his ‘neutral’ stance too-often allows the living donor cheerleaders/zealots to dominate the conversation.

One reply on “Another Living Donor’s Story…”

Thanks for the link, Cristy.

I'd like to believe that with a rising of voices, we can make a difference in how living donors are cared for by the facilities that so readily take our gifts. Your research and continued commitment are not to be ignored because you stand for good, fairness, and truly informed consent.

I hope I can contribute something of value to this issue. Day by day and word by word, we will open a few minds… and then a few more. Living organ donation can be made better by more support, better donor advocacy, and the acknowledgement by transplant facilities that living donors are an essential part of their success.

Thanks again for linking your blog to mine. I'll do what I can to drive the message.

Much admiration,
Christine Robinson

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