Batman Begins….

I’m a HUGE fan of The Dark Knight. Have been from way back, compliments of an ex-boyfriend that introduced me to Frank Miller’s vision years ago. I approve of Tim Burton and Michael Keaton’s depiction but abhor anything that came after – and don’t even get me started on that travesty calling itself Catwomen that plagued the theaters last summer. In fact, I purchased a copy of the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns a couple of years ago as a birthday present to myself. (I also bought The Watchmen by Alan Moore too – both incredible reads.) So I waited for this newest celluloid translation with excitement and apprehension.

It’s great. The film is simply fantastic. Sure, there’s a barnload of backstory, and a moment of ‘Wha?’ in regards to how the hell Bruce Wayne ended up in a prison in Asia, but gone are the cartoonish moments of Burton’s vision and in its place is one BAD ASS Batmobile. Seriously, I’m a woman who finds SUV’s a symbol of why the rest of the world hates America and HumVee’s indicative of a non-existent penis, but this vehicle makes me purr as only a Jaguar XK can. It’s a near-perfect extension The Dark Knight’s persona: a dark, hulking, growling creature that screams with rage and obliterates obstacles with destruction.

Alas, Hollywood rears its myopic head. While the film makers can find roles for older actors like Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and even an ass-kicking Liam Neeson, the best they can manage is 26 year old Katie Holmes playing a 30 year old Assistant DA? Even in the Wayne Enterprises boardroom women are suspiciously absent. As my male movie companion pointed out to me, “They probably didn’t think about it”, and he’s right. The studio heads are male, the producers are male, the screenwriters and director are male – why the hell would they think about any other world perspective except that of the straight white man?

Oh yeah, cuz women make up for than fifty percent of the world’s population…

But see the movie, fall in love with The Dark Knight, and then read Frank Miller. You know him, he’s the guy who wrote Sin City…

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