Beauty in The Eye of the Beholder and All That…

This is a giant Barbie head. It’s original intention was to teach little girls the proper way to style hair and put on makeup and well – it’s a lovely piece of Mattel merchandising that gender programs the hell out of little girls.

(Unless, of course, she became Goth Barbie, Crow Barbie, Punk Barbie, LeatherFace Barbie, or other such creations that, these days, would guarantee a young girl the fast track into therapy and psychotropic drugs.)

I pulled this version from the Lizard Princess blog, where the “raw organic super charged mommy power” blogger keeps it as her profile photo. She says “my first love is Jesus Christ – my salvation and my friend”. She’s a vegetarian, sports a breast cancer badge on her page, and best of all, a red, white and blue Dead Head icon.

While I don’t think Lizard Princess (can we say Jim “the lizard king” Morrison homage, anyone?) actually created this lovely work of feminist/anti-crass commercialism art, I sure as hell like her for using it. So much that I thought I’d share it with you. Enjoy.

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I found you- ha ha ha (insert fakey ominous sounding laugh here).
I am surprised that someone put the whole “Jim Morrison” homage together…actually, it had more to do with the Simpson’s character Lisa, and HER homage to Jim Morrison.
I did a portrair of the Lizard king in high school (it now hangs in our garage) and that was the extent of my homage to the man himself. I haven’t loistened to or read his stuff for many years.

I found the picture for my blog on which is a great hand made website- I love it.

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