Bird’s the Word

This is Birdie, our most recent foster who just found herself a home. We took her to the Bark Park on Monday.

First, she puked in the car.

Then, she pooped at the entrance.

She was violated by a black puppy named Spike with delusions of grandeur (and “Mrs. Robinson” in his head).

And she spent the whole time sniffing other dogs’ scents and trying to ‘mark’ everywhere. She even resorted to lifting her leg on the chain link fence and repeated attempts long after her bladder emptied.

She’s a beautiful, loving, happy, velvety senior citizen who is going to live with another member of the red hat society. I’m terribly sad to see her go (despite the fact she stole the bread from my sandwich one day, and ate an entire package of hot dog buns), but there are two other greys waiting for a temporary haven. Doesn’t mean I won’t miss her tons though.

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