Birthday Mayhem

Yes, I survived another one. It’s really too bad we can’t live in a society where you celebrate the day of your birth but don’t really keep track of the increasing chronology. Having such a youth-obsessed culture can be really tough on a girl, no matter how “beautiful, smart and funny” (as one male friend who will also kick me in the ass when necessary) she is, especially when she’s a bit of an “achiever” (as my SO labeled me today).

I received a phone message from my big brother which made me flip off the machine and laughingly call him an “ass”. I love him though, and he knows it.

My oldest sister sent me a very brief email. Her way of reaching out, I know, but I’m still battling with my own hurt feelings, so hopefully she’ll be a bit more patient with me.

My other sister sent me a wonderful text in the morning and then called me later, where we laughed about our brother, then she told me she spoke with our Aunt Jeannie. “Aunt Rhea died, Uncle Bud had hernia surgery, David had cataracts removed and Kevin had a stroke.” I said, “Geez, so glad she called. Did you have a margarita after that?”

I spoke with my parents as they were driving to their weekend floating getaway on Lake Erie. It’s always great to hear your daddy tell you he loves you.

An old friend from college, an amazing artist I used to model for and who is now a tattoo artist in Kansas, sent me a great MySpace message.

Eva left the most hilarious frog birthday graphic comment on the myspace page, and my other myspace friends chirped in as well.

I went canoeing with my fabulous S.O., who was fairly amused (as I was bemused) by the fat, hairy, balding, drunk guy who was shouting “Hi Pocahontas! Hey, it’s Pocahontas! She looks like Pocahontas!” Yes, I had my hair in braids. Eesh.

Then I finished up the night with Keri and her equally fantastic S.O. where they plied me with booze, steak and strawberry cheesecake – yum!

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