Birthday Overview

* Went to lunch with Brian Lisik then felt momentarily guilty cuz I haven’t listened to his record yet. (In my defense, I have a rough copy I’ve been indulging in for weeks!)

* Received annual birthday phone call from my sister who was recently in the hospital (which provoked a primal panic on my part) but she sounded as lovely as ever, so we’re good.

* Lots of lovely birthday wishes via email and Myspace. awwww….

* Fricking tenants who didn’t pay their rent on time also managed to kill the toilet. Mind you, this could be an entire post in itself, but I’ll quash the urge. After explaining the symptoms, I diagnosed the problem as a foreign object in the pipe. Complete uncomprehension reigned. Upon replacing the damn thing, a Listerine cap was, Yes, discovered in the S-trap. Needless to say, angry words were expressed, a mood made worse by the female half’s insistent ‘innocent’ act. These people regress to 8 years of age where you lie your ass off to get yourself out of trouble. Grow up. Lying to me is a double insult. Once cuz of the lie itself and two, cuz you think I’m too stupid to know you’re lying!!!

* Went out with my friends Robin and Mickey and didn’t arrive home until 5:30am. Probably the most amusing moment was when the first bar we patronized was having a roast of some comic and they attempted to engage me in conversation from the stage. Shouts of “Birthday girl!” were unheard by me, and then when my attention was grabbed, I completely blew the proceedings off. I was having my own fun!

* Text message from Drew of 2nd Half wherein he replied to my “I had a dream about you last night” with “Was I riding a pony?”

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