Bring the Beast Down…

I’m quoting Siren Kimmie here, when she used this exact line in a very early episode of Siren Rebellion in regards to Microsoft. I’m applying to my favorite governmental bureacracy – the post office.

In short:

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office and the Michigan Department of Agriculture are looking into allegations that United Parcel Service of America Inc. uses faulty package measurement devices to overcharge thousands of customers and package shipping stores.

The devices that are the subject of the lawsuit and the complaint are used to verify that the measurements and weights of packages recorded by UPS Stores, other retailers and corporate account holders are accurate.

If the measurements are not accurate, UPS bills the stores and account holders for the correct shipping charges. By that time, it’s too late for the stores to get customers to pay the extra amount, so they must swallow the costs or appeal the charges to UPS.

But Afrin, a 32-year-old Commerce Township resident, said UPS overcharges his store every week by $100 to $250. Though he can appeal the charges electronically, he says the process is time consuming and wouldn’t be necessary if UPS equipment were accurate.

His lawyers are seeking to consolidate his lawsuit with two others filed in Alabama and Oregon that involve similar allegations.

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