Cursed Nature

Monday I woke with a swollen and itchy right eye. Nothing to get too panicky about; I’m afflicted with myriad environmental allergies, so I assumed I managed to get a microscopic bit of something in there and it reacted badly. Took an antihistamine and assumed all would be well.

Tuesday, I woke up with a redder, angrier eye, almost swollen shut. Not acceptable. I make a trip to my long-time family physicians, who tells me, with her gentle smile, that my karma is catching up with me for laughing at my friend’s recent bout with Conjunctivitis (aka Pink Eye). She agreed it was an allergy, prescribed me some heavy-duty antihistamines and sent me on my way.

Fought said scary eye the rest of the week, rising at 8am, taking my meds, and crashing from them at approximately noon. The whole exercise made me slightly off-kilter, my reduced eyesight notwithstanding. I fear for any emails sent or manuscript words written.

The end of my week found me at Calling Hours and a funeral for PGrumpy’s grandpa. I managed to mask my affliction with muted eyeshadow – it’s a good think pink is in, you know?

Around the same time, PGrumpy and I began contemplating, connecting dots so to speak, and cautiously resolving. At approximately the same time as the ‘eye issue’, three welts, blisters, what-have-you, appeared on the top of my right hand between the webbing of my thumb and index finger. Nasty looking thing, to tell the truth, so much so that I donned a Band-Aid for the funeral. It’s unsightly if the Band-Aid is better than the boo-boo.

Long story short – if that’s possible – I am the victim of vicious plant-life. Poison oak, ivy, sumac, etc. which I most likely wiped on my eye as well as spread (in much smaller amounts) to my back, the area between my index and middle fingers, shin, neck, etc. I live in the land of many trees you see, with gobs of unidentified flora and fauna. This, this week of unrelenting itching, swelling, ice packs, dope-head meds, and all means of anti-itch cremes is the result of me being responsible.

This is the reward I get for doing yardwork. Cursed nature.

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