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Discussion about Incentives for Organ Donation

Sen. Arlen Spector has proposed changes in organ donation legislation which would lift the prohibition on “incentives” to increase donor organ supply. Unfortunately, the dang bill isn’t available online, mostly because it’s still under revision and hasn’t officially been brought to the floor for consideration.

The Wall Street Journal published an editorial, as flimsy and non-specific as it was, which provoked a post in this blog, and then a wonderful response by two transplant doctors, Dr. Delmonico and Dr. William Harmon.

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I deleted this comment because the poster is the executive director of a non-profit that ‘claims’ to give priority to deceased organ donations. However, no such thing exists and none of his cards/contracts are binding in any way. There is only one official allocation organization for deceased organ donations, UNOS, and any claims to the contrary are only propaganda.

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