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September 26, 2017: I have made the decision to no longer update this site. The politics and cost to myself have become too overwhelming. For the sake of all present and future living donors, I sincerely hope someone will pick up the mantle and carry on, because too little has changed and too much has yet to be done. Because of a generous donation, the site will remain online for now.



**Update: The state of Ohio recognizes Living Donors Matter, inc. as a nonprofit corporation**


For almost four years LD101 has strived to provide the most comprehensive information on the issues important to living kidney and liver donors or those interested living organ donation. In 2010, our unique visitors and number of visits increased 100+%, and rose another 100% in 2011. It's become apparent that in order to fulfill our original mission of educating the public, providing support for living organ donors, and encouraging the adoption of better policies for living donor protection, treatment, follow-up and care, LD101 must expand their services.

All of which requires money. 


In order for LD101 to obtain funding through a foundation or grant, it must be an IRS-designated 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. Before that happens, LD101 must be registered with the state as a business.

State Registration: $125 - COMPLETE!

IRS exemption fee: $400 (and oodles of hoop-jumping paperwork)


If you are interested in being a Board member or Director (same thing, different name), please email cristy{at} with an introduction, thoughts, etc.


Currently, LD101's only revenue stream is through merchandise sales (You may have noticed the photo and links in the sidebar). Unfortunately, we only receive a small percentage of the total purchase price. Proceeds from merchandise sales have supplemented the basic operating costs of the website: domain name registration, server space and minimal technical assistance. At their current level, coverage of the above listed expenses is simply impossible.


If you believe Living Donor 101's mission is valuable, or if you have been helped by the information contained therein, please consider donating. If you are unable to donate but would like to be involved in some way, please contact us. We welcome all ideas and volunteers.

In order to promote transparency and trust, this page will be updated as each donation is received and each milestone obtained.

These goals can be reached but not without your help.


Any questions or comments: info [at]



Last updated: April 8, 2018.