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Down & Out, But Still Reading

That’s right, in Cleveland Ohio…

Every Monday at 4 p.m., Stephen King fans gather at 2100 Lakeside Men’s Shelter. So do readers of Louis L’Amour, James Baldwin, and Malcolm X.

One recent afternoon, they spotted fellow King devotee Donna Kelly as she rounded the corner by the front desk. They followed her down a brightly lit hallway to a locked room, where she dropped her cases of sodas and snacks before backtracking to the shelter office to find a key and announce the start of the book club over the public address system.

Newcomer Marc Zak, a young man wearing thick glasses and work boots, waited outside the door, eager to start talking about books.

“That’s all I do,” said Mr. Zak who has been at the shelter for two months and favors mysteries, science fiction, and adventure titles. “I just read.”

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