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Even the Feds Perpetuate Living Donor Misinformation

I pulled this from the Federal Registrar Notice on June 16, 2006.

“In accordance with that authority, the Healthcare Systems Bureau directed the OPTN to develop allocation guidelines for organs from living donors…”

This refers to non-directed so-called altruistic living donors; in other words, folks who pony up a kidney anonymously. There are policies in place for deceased donor organs, but the question becomes, should non-directed living donor organs be treated the same way?

I perused the policy portion of the OPTN website to see what allocation policies have been developed.

Under the Living Donation heading: Not a damn thing.

While there are policies for “Allocation of deceased kidneys” and “Allocation of livers” (and more), there is NO policy for “allocation of living donor kidneys”.

Four appendices: nada.

So what’s the deal? Why have four years passed with no policy?

P.S. Here is one my favorite comments (from the same document) on the idea of OPTN developing living donor policies:

“One comment from a representative of the professional organization for transplant
surgeons and another from a transplant surgeon asserted that the OPTN should
not develop policy in the area of donor evaluation because there is no clear
clinical consensus regarding the policies or standards that should be followed.”

Let’s see, almost 50 years since the first living donor organ was harvested and a representative for surgeons is admitting the transplant centers and almighty surgeons DONT KNOW what standards should be followed? How every ethical and ‘do-no-harm-y’ of you. Geez, if you would’ve been tracking us all this time, you’d probably know, huh?

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