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Factor in post kidney donation recovery

A study of 259 living kidney donors found that pre-donation urinary albumin-to-creatinine ratio (UACR) affected post-donation kidney function.

“…age, preoperative eGFR, and 1-month postoperative UACR were highly predictive of delayed recovery of renal function”

“Donors with higher preoperative UACR levels require close observation because they have a greater possibility of developing MA [microalbuminuria] after donation, even if it is within the normal range. Higher UACR levels were also associated with delayed recovery of renal function and histologic abnormalities.”


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I donated my kidney in 2009. I was a perfect match for my dad who was suffering with PKD. B neg blood types, our antibodies lined up. No one ever told me my GFR would go from perfect to below 65. Has alarmed my doctor a few times when it hit the 50’s. I am a social drinker, I do not smoke, live a healthy lifestyle, and do not take Nsaids. I also have adrenal insufficiency and take daily 500mg of L-Tyrosine. I have a worry in the back of my head that this kidney I have left is not going to be able to keep up.
Donor please beware. Ally~

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