Finger Pointing….

A 21 year old Brazilian model died from anorexia.

A 22 year old Uruguay model died not long ago from heart failure after starving herself for days.

As CNN discussed Ana Caroline Restin, the tagline at the bottom of the screen said, “Who’s To Blame?”

Here’s a concept – Everyone.

– The Fashion Designers who make clothing for women with the bodies of twelve year old boys.
– The Modeling Agencies.
– The managers and handlers who look the other way as long as they’re getting their percentage.
– The parents who allow their thirteen year old daughters to get mixed up in this mess.
– The photographers who nitpick every blemish and perceived flaw.
– The Fashion Magazines who perpetuate the idea that the Model is the epitome of feminine beauty.
– Designers like Kimora Lee Simmons who create clothes for ethnic women, ie. women with curves, but who hire these puny, starved creatures instead of demanding models with real bodies.
– Fashionistas who insist the runway clothing isn’t meant to be worn, but is instead “art”, and said “art” looks better on “hangers”. If that’s the case, buy mannequins and put them on a conveyer belt.
– Anyone who says “clothes look better on thin women” – that’s because the articles are created to impossible standards!!

This 21 year old woman was 5’7″ and 88lbs at the end. It is impossible that no one noticed. Hell, she was eating nothing but tomatoes and apples; obviously something was seriously wrong. But The sad truth is that absurd diets like this, or even fasting/starving, are stardard operating procedure in the fashion industry. Neither of these models’ behavior were out of the ordinary.

When you’re surrounded by Crazy, it begins to look Normal.

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Christie rules!!!

This is a bummer. It is crazy. Reminds me of that Sam Shepard poem in “Motel Chronicles” that he wrote while living in L.A.:

I’ve had enough of silly-cone tits
and capped teeth

I’m goin’ back to my natural woman

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