Follow-up on one RIAA lawsuit

On Siren Rebellion, Kimmie and I often talk about the stupendously idiotic RIAA’s relentless pursuit of their own consumers. The system they have set up for this pervasive attack leads me to theorize they’re actually using these ‘settlements’ as a means of making up for their dropping revenue (which wouldn’t be happening if they weren’t producing an inferior product).

On our latest episode, I mentioned I would attempt to follow-up on some of the people who were actually giving the RIAA the finger, and here is the latest on one of those cases:

In short, they sued Debbie based on her IP address, but in actuality, it was her adult daughter Amanda engaging in the downloading. Oops. Amanda settled but the RIAA continued to pursue Debbie, saying she was “secondarily liable”.

She counter-sued (good girl).

She won. Yah!

The judge told the RIAA to pay her legal fees. (Big happy dance)

Not suprisingly, they balked, and appealed, saying the discovery process was ‘cut short’ and if given time, they could’ve proven she was guilty.

How ludicrous is that? “Gee judge, you just didn’t give us enough time to prove our case. We just KNOW she did something wrong.” WTF?

Their second reason for appeal is becase they claim – wait for it – that Debbie is “secondarily liable”.

Yes, that’s right. It’s the same argument they used before. AND LOST.

What a bunch of assholes.

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