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Happenings in a Writers and Readers World

When I’m not doing all this living donor advocacy stuff (and all related thereto), I’m reading and/or writing. So here are a couple of notable articles about such that I ran across today:

Seattle Mystery Bookstore Owner Refuses to Stock Amazon’s Mystery Imprint Authors.

For the unitiated, the crux of the conflict is this: Amazon has decided that being a bookseller wasnt enough and has now decided to become a publisher too. Makes sense from their angle – cut out the middleman. Right now, it makes sense for the author too – larger royalty rate, more publicity/marketing than the NY publishers offer. But is it advantageous to the indie bookstore?

Read the article and the comments to get all perspectives.

AOL Hell: An AOL Content Slave Speaks Out.

While this narrative is specific to AOL, understand that this is the nature of many ‘content farms’ on the internet. Too many folks think that since we all learned how to string words together into something resembling a sentence, anyone can be a writer. Simply not true. I can open my mouth and sing; does that mean I’m Beyonce (or Freddie Mercury)? Writing is a craft; effective communication is a craft. Paying employees a decent wage and treating them with respect should be non-negotiable regardless of the industry.

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Couldn't agree more!!! Still trying to find a market for my first novel! It's a juvenile (girl's POV, ages 8-!! or so) historical set during the 1849 Gold Rush.

Everything these days in the juvenile market seems to be werewolves and vampires. Sigh. . .

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