He Broke Up With Me In a Post-It Note

Many of you will recall this line from an episode of “Sex and the City”. Technology has allowed us more ways to stay in touch than ever before. Unfortunately, not all modes are created equal and folks’ sense of consideration and manners just haven’t caught up.

So, in lieu of writing or studying (what I should be doing), I’ve decided to concoct a list of things situations that just shouldn’t be dealt via text or email.

1. Proposals. Asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you just loses a little something when you can’t look into your beloved’s face.

2. Lay-offs and/or firings. Although I’m quite sure some folks in the abyss of Corporate America have found the proverbial “pink slip” in their afternoon inter-office mail, which is just as class-less.

3. “I’m pregnant” – need I say more?

4. On the flip side, telling your wife/gf that you knocked someone up via text or email guarantees random destruction of your favorite things.

5. First time “I love you”. Seriously – how genuine can that be?

6. Break-ups of any kind, especially if the person doing the breaking-up hopes to have any sort of positive association with the breakee at any time in the future.

This includes:
A. Romantic relationships
B. Business partnerships
C. Band dissolutions (which is both B. and E.) Most local music communities are small; word will spread about dickish behavior.
D. Divorce
E. Friendships

7. Deaths. If the informee is close enough to the deceased to care, at least have the decency to pick up the damned phone – and don’t leave the news on voicemail either!

8. Medical test results. No one needs to read “you have herpes” on the subway.

Got more? Or even better, real-life examples? Let me know….

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