Health Care Hooey…

I’m very disturbed by the screaming, cussing and name calling occurring at these so-called Town Hall meetings about Obama’s proposed health care reform bill. While I applaud folks’ anger, their choice of expression is disrespectful and unproductive. Worse, much of what they’re screaming about is false, gleened from some pandering talking head as opposed to real journalism (not that there’s much left of that these days, it seems).

I don’t have an opinion on the bill in its entirety. I haven’t read it, the versions differ in the House and Senate, and I suspect there will be much whittling before a final form is developed. But I am a champion for the truth (which is why practically every sentence at has a notation behind it. The public is so mislead about living donation that they refuse to believe the reality unless the source material is readily available. Too bad the same does not apply here).

Anyway, here’s a White House ‘Reality Check’:

And if you don’t believe them, read the dang bills for yourself.

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