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Heart Risk in Folks Approved to be Living Kidney Donors

A 10% reduction in kidney function has been shown to significantly increase an individual’s risk for cardiovascular disease and deaths. Living kidney donors lose 20-40% of their pre-donation kidney function.


50 people approved as living kidney donors were assessed for heart risk prior to donation.


 In 72% of subjects, at least 1 of the risk factors was detected. Atherogenic index values considered to indicate high risk of atherosclerosis were found in 16% of subjects. More than 40% of subjects had more than 1 coronary risk factor, and most had 2.

In 26%, heart risk exceeded what would be expected by the individual’s age by 1-9%


Conclusion (emphasis mine):

The prevalence of coronary risk factors is high in potential kidney donors. HeartScore seems to be a useful method to evaluate the risk of cardiovascular mortality in these individuals, and is a simple tool to use in controlling the influence of the modification of risk factors on the global risk in follow-up. Comparison with the value of risk acceptable according to age and sex may oblige the physician to take action to reduce it.


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Jankowski K, Gozdowska J, Lewandowska D, Kwiatkowski A, Chmura A, Durlik M, & Pruszczyk P (2013). Prevalence of the coronary artery disease risk factors and 10-year risk of cardiovascular mortality based on HeartScore in people qualified for kidney donation. Annals of transplantation : quarterly of the Polish Transplantation Society, 18, 393-8 PMID: 23912481

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