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Heart Transplants for Non-Resident, Non-US Citizens, 2000-2010

I pored through the data set and created spreadsheets for each organ, each transplant center, and transplanted US citizens and non-citizen, non-residents. I didn’t count resident non-citizens, and there’s always a small portion of ‘unknown’ which I also omitted.

4300 US citizens received heart transplants from 2000-2010*

So did 204 non-citizen, non-residents.

Cardiovascular Center of Puerto Rico gave 14% (1/7) of their hearts to non-citizen, non-residents, the highest percentage of any US transplant center. <- for adults. Primary Children's Medical Center in Utah gave 28.5% of their hearts to non-citizen, non-residents; as did Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Straight number-wise (Some facilities do a high volume of transplants so the flat quantity is actually a smaller percentage of total transplants done per year):

26 – UCLA Medical Center
25 – New York Presbyterian/Columbia
13 – Jackson Memorial Hospital
12 – Loma Linda University Medical Center

58 US transplant centers performed at least one heart transplant on a non-resident, non-citizen between 2000-2010. 15 are easily identifiable as children’s facilities (IOW, I didn’t bother googling the rest).

Should US citizens, when they sign their organ donor card, be informed that their hearts, etc may be given to foreign nationals who travel to the US solely for the purpose of a transplant rather than be allocated to their fellow countrymen?

Give me your thoughts in the comments.

*yes, my data included January of 2011, but I omitted that one month for easier stat crunching.

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