Holiday Highlights

1. The inavailability of seats at church. Can you say “No Room At The Inn?”

2. Discovering BOY dog sprinkled some of the presents under the tree.

3. Victoria’s Secret gift cards. Plural. Followed by the VS Semi-annual, get this stuff out of here so we don’t have to pay taxes on it, Sale.

4. Drinking champagne at 9am.

5. Drinking reisling at 5pm.

6. Food, Glorious Food.

7. Making parental units cry with sentimental gifts.

8. Laughing at parental unit using a large flashlight to inspect contents of oven because the bulb went out the day before.

9. Counter-surfing dogs (not mine, thank you). But it does bring up “A Christmas Story” moment, yes?

10. Re-connecting with old friends.

11. Peppermint martinis.

12. Sister-in-laws after four Tangeray’s and Tonic.

13. The refrain “hey, when’d we get cheese sticks” followed five minutes later by “Hey, where’d the cheese sticks come from?”

14. Many, many holiday text messages and emails….

15. Angry dog peeing on the bed. (That one was mine. Bed and Dog.)

16. Two simultaneous days of hangovers.

17. 21 volt cordless power drills.

18. Finally getting that artwork hung on the wall.

19. Dancing to The Killers records while painting.

20. Sharing a double bed with a 6’1″, nearly 200 lb man, and a 70lb greyhound, only to wake up on December 27 with said dog flipped on his back, and remembering you have to wash the myriad of blankets and otherwise on your regular bed. (see 15)

and a Bonus: Knowing you’ll probably do it once, if not twice, before the New Year arrives…

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