Living Kidney Donor

Holy Bladder Batman!

As part of my testing next week, I have to submit a 24-hour urine sample (kidney function, yo). To the left is the JUG they sent for collection. To the right is a 2-liter bottle of 7up. Notice the similaries??

Who pees this much in a 24 hour period?!

3 replies on “Holy Bladder Batman!”

Oh, if it was only as easy as “what goes in, must come out”. Fortunately they’re not demanding I actually FILL the thing….More amusing is that the letter gave instructions on what to do if you need ANOTHER container!

The bonus is that I have to pee on command three times the day of all that testing. I’ll be hunting down water fountains all over the building!

Good gravy!!! That’d be one historic day of peeing if you manage to fill that up.

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