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How Liver Donors Feel About Their Scars

Authors analyzed results of questionnaires from 87 living liver donors who had one of three three types of incisions:

(i) Mercedes-Benz incision (MB) [note: see photo at the bottom of this page] , (ii) right subcostal incision with midline up to xiphoid incision (S.C.) [note: combination of Vertical Incision #1 and Transverse Incision #2 on this page], and (iii) short upper midline incision (U.M.) [ a version of Vertical Incision #1 on this page].


The questionnaire consisted of three major categories: appearance, sensation, and daily activities of post-nephrectomy scars.



Numbness of the abdominal wall was reported more frequently by the donor with M.B.s and right subcostal incisions up to xiphoid incisions. In terms of appearance, sensation, and daily activities, LDH [living donor hepatectomy] with a U.M. was found to have a good self-assessment compared with that performed using other types of incisions.



LDH with a U.M. is a preferable procedure in terms of physical status and safety.



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