How NOT to Sell a Car

In an attempt to procure some means of gainful transportation, I’ve been prowling (among other things) Craigslist. I replied to a posting regrading an 01 VW Golf GTI, inquiring about mileage. This is the reply I received this morning:

Hi christy

If only miles can let you determine the quality of a vehicle , I don’t know what could be 130k .
If you think that is too much then that’s the end of it .If not let me know how could I be of assistance in showing you what a jewel that car is ?
Just to give you an idea I bought last summer a dodge grand caravan with 169k miles and I’ve been driving it since and today I am at 184k miles if you don’t believe me I can show it to you .Meanwhile I do have a couple of freinds who own similar mini vans where they are the only owners since new and they have been thru hell with all kind of problems and at very low miles like 25 and 30 k miles with bad transmission and other sensors problems .
So If you think only miles think again .
Good luck and best regards

Dude, first of all, you misspelled my name. Considering it’s in the header of the email, this is not smart.

Secondly, the mileage on a used/preowned vehicle is something that should be placed in the listing, right alongside the year, make and model, transmission, color, etc. It’s a pertinent piece of information that helps determine the value of the car. It’s not as if my email said, “So like, are the seats comfortable?” In that case, I’d actually deserve some attitude. But no, I asked a reasonable question that any potential buyer would ask.

Maybe the dude is having a bad day. Maybe he’s in need of some quick cash and he’s frustrated cuz everyone is overlooking the car because of the mileage. I have no idea. What I do know is that he won’t get my money – and not because of the mileage on the car.

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