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Hyperfiltration Post-Donation Associated With Body Size

74 living kidney donors had their single kidney function (SK-GFR) measured before donation (mean=54.2-54.6), and the remaining kidney post-donation [note: abstract doesn’t say when, post-donation].

Sk-GFR of remaining kidney showed significantly hyperfiltration by 33.6 % after kidney donation.

The the researchers divided the LKDs into three groups: low SK-GFR, meaning those whose SK-GFR didn’t change much pre to post-donation; moderate SK-GFR; high SK-GFR.
Conclusion: In most patients, sk-GFR of remaining kidney showed significant increase due to adaptive hyperfiltration, however in patients with large body size and high sk-GFR of remaining kidney, the adaptive hyperfiltration was insignificant.

This means that for a person with ‘large body size’, their kidneys may already be hyperfiltrating prior to donation, leading to little, if any, regaining of renal function in the year or so after nephrectomy. This analysis sheds light on an added risk factor for heavier/larger potential living donors.

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