I’m Beginning to Understand Why They Call It “Feebay”

I awoke this morning to the following email, explaining why Ebay removed one of my auctions. It said:

However, your listing was in violation of eBay’s Paypal Payments policy.

Your listing(s) contained the following information:

In description and seller’s payment requirements: If your paypal payment is a credit/debit card and not e-check or existing funds, please let me know at time of payment so I may forward the correct contact information.

Sellers who offer PayPal as a payment option in the listing process must accept all forms of PayPal payment, without restriction.

For example, it is *not* permitted to state:

“I only accept cash transfers with PayPal (no credit cards)”
“I only accept payments with PayPal over $15”

Sellers must have a Premier or Business PayPal Account or be willing to upgrade from a Personal PayPal Account to a Premier or Business Account if sellers receive a credit card payment. Sellers may not communicate to buyers that they accept, or will not accept, specific forms of PayPal payment.

Please be aware that you are not required to use PayPal as an accepted form of payment for your listings. However, we hope that you will realize the protection and convenience that PayPal offers.

Are they fucking kidding?!? You can’t FORCE me to accept or not accept a certain payment! Paypal offers a ‘personal’ account which accept cash transfers and e-checks. Period. Even more, nowhere on my listing did it say that I WOULDN’T accept a credit/debit card payment, just that the buyer had to inform me if it was such.

Why? Because I have ANOTHER paypal account that is a business account that will accept these types of payments. However, it is not the account associated with my ebay account, and to do so would require a set up a different ebay account thereby wiping out my history, feedback, etc. which I shouldn’t have to do, especially to appease the money grubbing assholes at Ebay, just so they can nab 2.9% plus .30 per transaction. Hell, they’re already taking a minimum .20 listing fee (which I’ll have you know NO other online auction site charges) and 5.35% final value fee (which is exactly why people inflate their shipping and offer low starting bids. They’re trying to save themselves the damn fees!). Ebay not only charges $15 to open a store, they THEN charge 2 to 3 cents for EVERY listing in it! Tell me another online venue that does this???? Yeah that’s right – NONE.

The fact is, I’ve seen many many listings that say “we only accept echecks and cash transfers from Paypal” or “we don’t accept credit/debit card payments from Paypal”. But ebay is so big they only run random robots around and ping people once in awhile. What pisses me off is that because of their size, you can’t argue with them. They really don’t care. They’ve raised fees every year since their inception, not to mention bought auxillary companies like Paypal just to pad their earnings. Because of that, the little guy is being pushed out by the companies who have figured out ebay is yet another revenue stream for them.

Ironic considering it was the Average Janes and Joes that made Ebay what it is.

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hehe… that’s why i quit selling there years ago. Now they’re blocking Google’s new checkout system. Damn Monopolists!!

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