….Sitting in a restaurant conversing with your dinner partner about a situation in your life. Maybe it’s grad school related and a fellow student or professor delivered some heavy criticism, or perhaps a co-worker spoke negatively about your upcoming presentation; hell, it could be the latest round of your sister’s stinging barbs. But imagine relating all this to your companion when a total stranger approaches and begins speaking, “I know this is none of my business, but…”

Then, knowing nothing more about you or the situation except what s/he overheard, this stranger commences to reinforcing your boss/co-worker/fellow student/sister’s accusations. S/he refers to your disagreement with their assessment as arrogance, insists that you are inexperienced in such matters and that you should heed their advice and adapt.

What would you do? Would you sit there stunned and say nothing? Would you smile, mutter “I’ll keep that in mind” and hope the stranger quietly leaves?


Would you tell them to fuck off and mind their own business?

What would you do?

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