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Insight Into the Dismal Living Donor Follow-Up Rate

Unfortunately the entire article is unavailable as of yet, but here is the abstract.

Not complying with the federal follow-up mandate isn’t new news, but what’s illuminating about this article is the disconnect between attitudes toward living organ donor follow-up and implementation.



Sixty-eight percent of LKD and 83% of LLD respondents said that achieving follow-up was a high priority. The majority agreed that donors should be followed at least 2 years (61% LKD programs and 73% LLD programs), and sizeable percentages (31% LKD and 37% LLD) endorsed 5 years of follow-up.



However, approximately 40% of programs lost contact with more than 75% of their donors by 2 years after donation.


Whereas 92% of LKD and 96% of LLD programs inform potential donors about follow-up requirements, fewer (67% LKD and 78% LLD) develop plans with donors to achieve follow-up.



Waterman AD, Dew MA, Davis CL, McCabe M, Wainright JL, Forland CL, Bolton L, & Cooper M (2013). Living-Donor Follow-Up Attitudes and Practices in U.S. Kidney and Liver Donor Programs. Transplantation, 95 (6), 883-888 PMID: 23388736

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