Insurer Fined For Denying Claims w/o Investigation;=d&page;=2#pluckcomments

In short, they were denying claims willy-nilly to keep their profit margin up.

The sad part is that John Grisham wrote a book about this very topic many years ago.

Something else to think about, from McKinsey & Company, “Accounting for the Cost of Health Care in the United States” (January 2007):

The U.S. spent $412 per capita on health care administration and insurance in 2003 —nearly 6 times as much as other developed countries.

Think our For-Profit, Publically-Traded insurance companies aren’t bloated and living well at the expense of our physical health?

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I think you can throw in some drug companies, manufacturers of super expensive equipment that only treat small percentages of the population, and a whole lot more.

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