It Was A Sign….

Remember that post not too long ago where I wondered about the odd dream I had about Kevin Smith? Well, I recently had a conversation with my Dad regarding upcoming theater productions (I blame my parents for my love of live theater; they took me to see South Pacific when I was young. I still have a thing for that music, much to the chagrin of those around me!), so tonight I surfed over to the EJ Thomas Hall website and found out Kevin Smith will be in town on March 2!

Oh yes, I’m going. I’m buying the damn tickets, and I’ll find SOMEONE to go with me. This is SO gonna rock!

One reply on “It Was A Sign….”

Hey, I’m in. You know they didn’t call me Drama Jock in high school for nothing. Besides, who else (other than Kimmie and P) does not judge when you tell us about these things???? Not only that, but the guy is extremely intelligent and funny.

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