Just So Y’all Don’t Think I’m Only About Me…

My friend (and talented writer, and marathon runner) Amy Purcell is about to embark on a two week trip to Guatemala to help the Give the Gift of Sight Foundation provide free eye exams and eyewear to who otherwise don’t have access to eye care. What’s enormously wonderful about this program is that they take used, donated glasses and match the prescription to someone who needs them. So read Amy’s blog and find out how you can donate your old glasses (and dig that photo on the foundation’s main page)

Since I’m talking about Amy, let me share one of the reasons why I adore her so. Recently she sent me an email with the following:

And by the way, I think your rapper name should be Living Donah or Cool L.D. or something like that. Actually, I think your band name for your novel – until you think of something permanent should be Living Donors. 🙂

Should I get the printed on a tee shirt? Or better yet, one of those gaudy, gold, diamond encrusted necklaces?

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Thanks for the props!!! When you give 20,000+ glasses away on 20 missions every year, we can use all the PR we can get!

Take care of that kidney!

You will not believe this but in my preparations for the big garage sale I came across an old pair of glasses that I had from the “wont wear my glasses unless hell is freezing over and I can’t find my contacts”. You know, back when I was young and slightly vain. After growing up somewhat in that department I replaced these large round specs with some smaller thick framed (think Lisa Loeb and Elvis Costello) trendy looking ones which I now wear frequently. But the older ones were in great condition still – just outdated style and prescription. I recall when I was getting new glasses being asked if I wanted to donate an old pair, but I didn’t have them on my person at the time. So I made a mental note. Mind you this was probably a good ten years ago! So now here I was, with a perfectly good pair of glasses that will not work for me and no recollection of where to drop them off! So now I’ll be running these suckers up the next time I go in to town. Thanks!!!!

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