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Kidney Donors Exhibit Symptoms of Mild Chronic Kidney Disease

This is timely considering a commenter recenter asserted there is ‘no proof’ that living with one kidney is different than two.


A comparison of 203 kidney donors and 201 two-kidneyed individuals who would’ve been approved as living kidney donors showed LKDs experienced a 28% decrease in GFR (kidney function) six months post-donation, as well as a 23% increase in parathyroid levels, a ‘significant’ 8.2% increase in uric acid level, and a ‘significant’ 3.7% decrease in hemoglobin level.


Additionally, the authors noted that hyperuricemia has long been suggested to cause CKD, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease (CVD), but this has been a source of ongoing controversy because it is possible that hypertension, diabetes, and CVD directly or indirectly cause hyperuricemia..


Keep in mind these measures were taken six months post-donation, and many symptoms, like hypertension, cardiovascular disease, etc. will not appear until many years later.


Take care of yourselves!



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