Living Kidney Donor

Kidney Transplant Terms 101

Neph = kidney.


Nephrectomy = removal of kidney.

Nephrologist = kidney doctor. specialist. Big $$. This doctor is only one of seemingly a hundred that are involved in the transplant process.

Laproscopic Nephrectomy = specific type of kidney removal far less invasive than the traditional lets-hack-em-open-and-cut-the-sucker-out method. More on this later…

HLA = Everyone has six different antigens (the stuff that helps you fight off infections); three from each parent. These are the little suckers they use to determine the likelihood that someone will accept or reject a transplanted organ. Much, much more on this later.

Living Donor = me. Organs come from people who have died (try not to have any Frankenstein fantasies), or from people like me who say “Now that you mention it, I really have been carting this spare kidney around for some time – would you like it?” The latter are called Living Donors.

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Well I learned something new!!! (Oh and I found myself describing the vessel in which you were supposed to provide a urine sample to my mom. She was equally horrified!)

Hey, just found your blog through a search for “living donor” on Technorati. I know first hand how bizarre and exciting and back to bizarre the whole experience can be — I gave my liver to my brother a few years back, and I blogged about it too. Your entry about “the hat” still has me cracking up. Anyway it’s a great blog you’re doing here.

Thought you might wanna know, Through my old blog (called “Chopped Liver,”) I met a ton of readers who were potential living donors, who wrote to me asking to chat more about my experience. That led me to create a formal organization (The Greatest Gift Foundation) that aims to connect people that way. One way I’m doing that is by maintaining a new blog that links to blogs of current living donors. So guess who’s adding a link to your site today? That’s right. Me. You’re a smart cookie! 🙂
It’ll be at greatestgift dot wordpress dot com.

Thanks for sharing your story online and GOOD LUCK with all things transplant related and otherwise!


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