Late TV Viewing Angst

It doesn’t matter whether you have three channels or three hundred, there comes a time in the wee hours when there is simply nothing of value left broadcasting.

So it was that I clicked upon “The Girls Next Door”, that *cough, cough* reality show about Hugh Hefner’s three suicide blonde, fake boobed, live-in girlfriends.

While the fact I’m going to blast this program won’t surprise you, the reason may. Nope, it’s not the three girlfriend thing. It’s not even the “they’re young enough to be his granddaughter” angle (although that’s just gross as hell).

It’s that –

wait for it…..

They Have a Nine O’Clock Curfew!

That’s right, folks. Adult women apparently paying their own bills (they flew to Vegas in this particular episode and one was quoted as saying, “We don’t have the budget Hugh does so we fly Southwest Coach”), have the same frigging curfew as a thirteen year old!

What. The. Fuck.

Has the silicone and peroxide eaten their brains? What the hell is wrong with them that they allow a man dependent on Viagra (damn that shiver of revulsion), who exhibits crotchety old man behavior in restaurants and elsewhere – why the FUCK would they let that happen?

And these are the women the popular media puts up as the epitome of feminity and beauty?? THIS is what we want our daughters, sisters, etc to emulate?? Are you fucking kidding me?!?

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