Living Kidney Donor

Living Donor Wear…

I did some major searching for cool merch about being a living donor but I just couldn’t find anything suited to my sensibilities. So in the tradition of all inventors, I decided to create some myself. I’ll be adding designs and whatnot over time, and if anyone has any suggestions, please fling them my way. (I never claimed to be an uber-graphic designer, after all)

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How about..
Save a life (front)
Be a living donor (back)

As you have researched, there are many ways one can become a living donor, blood, bone marrow, kidney, liver. Many, many people who are in need and many more who need to be educated.

Hey, how about something for the male side 🙁 Not all living donors are female.

P.s. Please not muscle shirts – I’m way to old for that 🙂

How about “My friend/family member donated a kidney and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” ???
Hey, I want to participate, too! 😉

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