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Living Kidney Donor Dies in NY


Montefiore live-donor transplant program shut down after donor mom dies during surgery


The woman, the mother of a two year old,  bled to death when her aorta was cut or ruptured during the operation, multiple sources said. She was trying to donate to a male relative.


On its Web page, Montefiore notes that “the risk [of death] is estimated at 0.03 percent, or 3 out of every 10,000 surgeries.”


I wrote about this in great detail here. The ‘official’ living donor death rate originated in 1987 and a telephone survey in 1992, but here we are in 2012, and that sad ole tale is being trotted out again.


In a 2010 meeting, OPTN presented data that 2.3 living kidney donors have died every year in the US between 2000-2009 within 90 days of surgery, while 4.4 have died within one year (See graphs here).  Sadly, according to a study published by Davis, we don’t even know what killed 51% of the LDs who died within 90 days of surgery.


Transplant centers are members of OPTN. Representatives from transplant programs attend OPTN meetings. So why did Montefiore have such outdated and incorrect information on their website?


ETA: The woman was identified as 41-year-old Yolanda Medina, a mother of three who died May 23, according to media reports. A relative has said “a vein or artery was cut” during surgery. Bleeding was controlled and the woman was resuscitated, but she later died. (source)



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